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Event Calendar - Nippers
    TGHN 2016-2017 Nippers Calendar          Nat Skelly: 0412918901
Date Day Time  Event Other 
 October 2016         
8th October Saturday      
9th October Sunday   1st Nippers Day WELCOME + games BBQ to follow
      Welcome and BBQ  
15th October Saturday      
16th October Sunday 9:00am Nippers #2  
22nd October Saturday      
23rd October Sunday 9:00am Nippers #3  
29th October Saturday      
30th October Sunday 9:00am Nippers #4  
 November 2016        
5th November Saturday      
5th November Saturday   R1- Streets Surfboat Series Ocean Beach
6th November Sunday 9:00am Nippers #5  
12th November Saturday      
13th November Sunday 9:00am Nippers Championship Day #6 C1  
19th Novemebr Saturday 3:00pm Twighlight Nippers #7  
20th November Sunday   No Nippers  
20th November Sunday   R2-Streets surfboat Series Stockton
26th November Saturday      
27th November Sunday 9:00am Nippers #8  
 December 2016        
3rd December  Saturday      
4th December Sunday 9:00am Nippers #9  
10th December Saturday   No Nippers  
10th December Sunday   R3-Streets Surfboat Series TGHN
11th December Sunday   No Nippers
11th December Sunday   R4-Streets Surfboat Series TGHN
17th December Saturday      
18th December Sunday 9:00am Fun Day Nipper Games #10 BBQ and Visit from Santa
    Last Nippers for 2016 (Please bring a $5 Gift for your Nipper/s,
      wrapped with name clearly marked.)
24th December Saturday   Holidays  
25th December Sunday   Holidays - Merry Christmas!  
31st December Saturday   Holidays  
1st January Sunday   Holidays - Happy New Year!!  
  January 2017        
7th January Saturday   Holidays  
8th January Sunday   Holidays  
14th January Saturday   Holidays  
14th January Sunday   R5-Streets Surfboat Series Kilcare
15th January Sunday   Holidays  
21st January Saturday      
22nd January Sunday 9:00am NIPPERS RETURNS for 2017!!! #11 BBQ to Follow
28th January Saturday      
29th January Sunday 9:00am Nippers #12  
  February 2017        
4th February Saturday      
4th February Saturday   R6- Streets Surfboat Series FINAL Soldiers Beach
5th February Sunday 9:00am Nippers Championship Day! C2 #13  
11th February Saturday 3:00pm Twighlight Nippers: Board Session #14 Jimmy's/Barnes Rocks
12th February Sunday      
12th February Sunday   Hunter Branch Surfboat C'Ships Fingal Bay
18th February Saturday      
19th February Sunday 9:00am Nippers #15  
25th February Saturday      
25th February Saturday   Battle of The Surfboats Pacific Palms
26th February Sunday 9:00am Nippers #16  
26th February Sunday   Battle of the Surfboats Pacific Palms
  March 2017        
4th March Saturday      
5th March Sunday 9:00am Nippers #17  
10th March Friday   State SLS Championships Swansea/Belmont
11th March Saturday   State SLS Championships Swansea/Belmont
12th March Sunday   State SLS Championships Swansea/Belmont
11th March Saturday      
12th March Sunday   Nipper's Championship Day C3 #18  
18th March Saturday      
19th March Sunday   Nippers #19  
25th March Saturday      
26th March Sunday   Nippers #20  
  April 2017        
1st April Saturday      
2nd April Sunday   Last Nippers Fun Day #21 BBQ
8th April Saturday   No Nippers  
9th April Sunday   No Nippers  
15th April Saturday   Easter Saturday  
16th April Sunday   Easter Sunday  
22nd April Saturday      
23rd April Sunday